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Kent Burnside was born June 10, 1971 in Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee to Mildred Jean Burnside and Joe Eddie Johnson. His family moved to the Holly Springs area in Northern Mississippi where Kent, as a child, began to develop a serious interest in music. His mentor was his grandfather and recognized blues legend R.L. Burnside. He started teaching Kent how to play the guitar at 9 years old telling him, "You gotta take a groove and just keep on driving it til' you come up with your own style." In the early bouts of his career, Kent felt more comfortable playing the bass guitar. But, he would eventually move on to learn lead and slide guitar after watching his grandfather. Kent's guitar work was further influenced by the other bluesmen in the Burnside family including his uncle’s Duwayne and Gary, and his cousin, Cedric Burnside.

Kent has played a variety of shows at many different venues, from large festivals to local juke joints. Some of his past gigs include, the Telluride Blues Festival, Minnesota Blues Festival, and a series of shows at the House of Blues. He also had the opportunity to play with James Mathus from Squirrel Nut Zippers and be introduced to and befriend Buddy Guy. After seeing Kent’s performance with Jimbo, Buddy says, “That’s what you need to bring on the road with us. That’s the piece you missin from your band!” Kent continues to open for Buddy at his club Legends in Chicago.

My World Is So Cold is Kent’s debut full-length album where he displays his unique musical abilities by building upon his grandfather's legendary guitar work and his experience as a travelled musician. Kent plays the guitar with bluesy grit and soul while delving into the sounds of 60's psychedelia and delivering heartfelt rhythm and soul you would expect from Stax and Chess. Recorded at the legendary EastWest studios on Sunset blvd., the talented band consists of: David Gray Kimbrough, Jr., a talented young drummer and grandson of blues legend Junior Kimbrough, who gets his chops from playing gospel music. JJ Holiday, guitarist extraordinaire from the rockin' band The Imperial Crowns who delivers slide work with a nasty attitude. Eddie Baytos, keyboardist who brings the house rockin’ grooves on the B3 Hammond. And finally, musician and producer Jimmie Wood brings the sounds together with his crafty production techniques in his first role as a producer to encompass and capture the vintage music of the band.


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